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Observe: S curves

No one argues about the importance of the spine. It is the centerpiece of the whole skeletal system but is not a rigid centerpiece. The spine is designed to articulate in every direction with its most limited mobility points being…

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Cloudy Days

Observe: Cloudy Days

It would be nice to be always 100% in our capabilities, certain that what we know will spring forward when it is needed. I really wish this were true (really, ask me about recently forgetting how many siblings I have).…

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Observe: Re-Entry

I was just on vacation for a couple of weeks, camping with friends at a fairly large event. This morning, my Facebook feed has a pretty significant number of posts noting anxiety, dread, or general hesitation about returning to work…

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Rest And Digest

Observe: Rest and Digest

Transitions are so juicy. For a few hundred of my new closest friends and I, the transition of the day is exiting a conference and flying towards home, vacation, or more work. Much has been learned and said. People have…

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Observe: Variance

Sometimes we get used to how things are. It is afteral human nature to observe and rely on patterns. We can start to believe that the way things are at the moment are a set place, unchanging and unchangeable. Today,…

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Observe: Fuel

How do you feel? Seriously, how is your energy level? Are you hungry or thirsty? Do you have aches or areas of interest? How much do you think about this when you plan for presentation and/or performance? The fact is…

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Observe: Do You Meme It?

Memes. Those sometimes amusing, sometimes annoying, snippets that get copied and shared on the internet via social media. Even the most resistant among us has shared one. Our speaking has a similar issue though more localized. We hear phrases or…

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