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Perform: Recovery

This week has been about preparing for an event, in this case, Thanksgiving. In truth, you can and should prepare for any event where communication is required and causing you stress. The last step is the most important, the recovery.…

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Perform: Imagine

We rehearse a lot. By which I mean that many of us are running scripts of our doubts, fears, and failing. Often, we repeat these phrases to ourselves in thought or even out loud. Here are just a few: My…

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Public Speaking Practice

Perform: Mirror, Mirror

Is Gina is really going to suggest that I practice in front of a mirror. Actually, yes. I would like you to practice in a mirror. Hear me out. When we use an accountability tool such as audio or video…

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Perform: Adaptation

This week several speaker friends of mine had the most creative performance challenges I have seen in a bit. From an audience placed so far from the stage, it was comical, to a room partially divided by a wall (and…

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