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Functional voice training with GROW Voice helps you explore and enhance the truest representation of your self, your voice. Alignment allows breath, breath creates voice, intention ignites content, and all of this creates confidence and dynamic presentations.

1-on-1 Voice Coaching

The True your Voice package includes a thorough vocal assessment, 1:1 sessions (virtual or in-person), personalized deliverables to accelerate your development, and a personalized vocal maintenance plan upon completion. The process is not a one-time fix but an investment in finding your authentic  voice.

Workshops/Group Learning
We take your rising stars and high-potential managers and leaders and accelerate their growth, capabilities, and effectiveness as business leaders using cutting edge voice and speech development techniques. We collaborate with your organization to create a learning plan that works for you.
Speaking Engagements

Gina Razón has presented to Corporations, Universities, Conferences, and on the TEDxCambridge stage. Her area of expertise is the human voice and its optimal function within the body. Specifically, the points where neurology meets action, and developing practical approaches for building communication and community. All of her topics are available in a youth format.