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Vocal Authority

is Built from Within

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Vocal Authority

is Built from Within

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A Functional Voice Studio
in the Heart of Boston

Our studio focuses on helping speakers build and maintain confidence. With an emphasis on vocal flexibility and command for public speaking that is intentional, authoritative, and authentic to you, GROW Voice offers one-on-one programs, as well as, workshops geared toward professionals who use voice as a major part of their work.

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Praise for GROW Voice

Gina did a fantastic job providing our attorneys with practical tips to harness the power of their voice.  The training was fun, engaging, and has instant application, whether in a courtroom or at a closing.  We received a lot of positive feedback from our lawyers and I would highly recommend this training!

~Elizabeth Brady Murillo, Director of Professional Development, Burns & Levinson LLP

Gina is a teacher who understands that you are a real person, not just a student. She will find that hidden ability and motivate you to find your personal expression. Her enthusiasm will turn on yours. She is fun to be around, and it doesn't hurt that she holds a master's degree in voice.

~Eileen M.

Gina was my instructor for a couple years as I prepared for college. I highly recommend studying with her if you have the opportunity. She was not only phenomenal for my voice but also for my confidence and growth as an individual at that transitional time in my life. As a voice instructor myself now, I can't tell you how often I reference skills I learned in my lessons with Gina. She built a foundation to access every part of my voice that helped me blossom. She is truly a gift for the voice and spirit.

~Anne W.

I had the privilege of studying with Gina about 10 years ago and it was an excellent experience. She took my older, undertrained voice combined with little confidence and had me actually entering a competition at a college where a received a higher score than I could have ever imagined. At 68 years of age I find myself working with a trio of talented singers and a pianist who are preparing me to audition for the chorus of an opera this fall. Because of her, I know when I have the correct teacher who will understand my needs and guide me in the proper direction. Many thanks.

~Linda H.

Of all my daughter's hours spent in various activities, she cherishes her time with Gina the most. As a 12 year old girl navigating the complexities of growing up, her singing class is a safe haven. She comes out every week with a smile on her face. She has come a long way in developing her talent, and Gina has been there all along encouraging her, helping her to raise the bar, helping to find the right music for her. Gina is a gem!

~Katie L.

My daughter has taken voice lessons with Gina Razon for the last two years. My daughter is very shy and with Gina’s help, she has gained confidence in herself through her voice. My daughter looks forward to her voice lesson each week with Gina. Gina is very caring and really inspires her students by bringing out their inner sparkle with her love for music. With everything my daughter has learned from Gina these last two years, it has really helped with her singing performances, recitals, and auditions for musical theater. You won’t be disappointed!

~Deb V.

With skillful use of relevant exercises, anatomy maps and videos, Gina has gently demystified singing, explaining the physiological reasoning behind so many tips of good practice that I had previously misunderstood. By introducing body integration and vocal pedagogy, Gina has taught me to be more in tune with my body, focusing on the areas which I can control to allow my voice the space it needs.

~Georgia L.