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Vocal Authority

is Built from Within

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Vocal Authority

is Built from Within

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It's Not Just What You Say, It's How You Sound

You have 15 seconds from when you begin to speak to establish your influence in the room.  This effect supersedes language which means that your voice must project your authority. It is a primary vehicle for Presence, Influence, and Connection.

At GROW Voice, we demystify voice use.   Our approach is to engage you in mastering your voice by teaching you about the systems at work and how to influence them.  We believe that everyone deserves an efficient and empowered voice.  One that can carry their Insights, Intention, and Integrity into the room.

GROW Voice offers workshops, corporate training, and one-on-one programs, both in-person or virtually, geared toward professionals who have something to say and need help being heard.

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Praise for GROW Voice

Gina is extraordinary! Her teaching is grounded on science, provides effective tools that autonomously work under pressure, and gives a well-rounded foundation that helped me achieve the best version of “my voice”. I went here after receiving feedback from an executive coach that my voice is too high and to be successful in the corporate world, I must speak in a low voice. Gina disagreed and gave me a training that preserved my true self and my voice, after understanding who I am and what I aspire to be. She is pure magic, the sessions with her were calming spells that helped me to ground myself on my strengths.


Chathuri D.

I didn’t know how great the possibilities could be. Gina teaches the material in a way that encourages you to deploy them (in your own messy state) all week long, and then you reflect together and grow into the next skill. Speech and voice opportunities are all around you — this course taught me to give each encounter the bit of preparation it deserves, to see the fruits of my dedicated attention, and then to feel encouraged to engage further the next time. The course improved both my content and my delivery. It showed up for me in my work, social, and family settings. My work is not done, but neither is my life. I’m excited to keep practicing the things I’ve learned in every new stage.

Marjan H.

Gina is pure magic. She is the calming presence one needs when facing tasks like public speaking. Gina spent time helping hone my speeches and debate topics during my run for political office. She provided me with the tools needed to stay calm under pressure. What’s most important–and what I am most grateful for–is how she brought out my true voice. I transformed from a person who panicked under the thought of speaking in front of a crowd, to a woman who speaks with conviction, authority, and has no problem commanding a room. Gina taught me that I always had it in me, I just needed the right mentor to show me what I was capable of. Gina is the secret ingredient, or secret weapon, if you will, to becoming the woman you always knew you were capable of being.

~Lori Lennon

Gina did a fantastic job providing our attorneys with practical tips to harness the power of their voice.  The training was fun, engaging, and has instant application, whether in a courtroom or at a closing.  We received a lot of positive feedback from our lawyers and I would highly recommend this training!

~Elizabeth Brady Murillo, Director of Professional Development, Burns & Levinson LLP

Gina is a teacher who understands that you are a real person, not just a student. She will find that hidden ability and motivate you to find your personal expression. Her enthusiasm will turn on yours. She is fun to be around, and it doesn’t hurt that she holds a master’s degree in voice.

~Eileen M.

With skillful use of relevant exercises, anatomy maps and videos, Gina has gently demystified singing, explaining the physiological reasoning behind so many tips of good practice that I had previously misunderstood. By introducing body integration and vocal pedagogy, Gina has taught me to be more in tune with my body, focusing on the areas which I can control to allow my voice the space it needs.

~Georgia L.