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YOU Are The Driver Of Your Vocal Transformation

There is no formulaic approach to becoming a great communicator.  You need the tools that will best serve you and a coach that will keep you on track. That said, there are categories of people who seem to most responsive to my approach. Here are a few characteristics that could describe you as an ideal client of GROW Voice.

You are:


You may be:

Leading a Team

You are developing some incredible professionals and you’ve invested a lot of time and resources in them. You can see how clearer, more authoritative speech will help them take themselves and your group to the next level. I can help you create personalized cohort training for your talent and your environment.

Speaking All the Time

Leading either from within a larger company or as a solopreneur requires that you have exceptional and reliable communication tools. You need to develop a voice that can adapt from the phone, to the meeting, to the conference room, and onto the stage for a keynote. You need a voice that can authentically convey who you are and what you are trying to do. A voice which embodies authority. You also need it to be healthy, reliable, and resilient. I work with leaders to make sure that their content has a chance to shine by helping them build speaking voices that sing.

Talented but Stuck

You are uniformly acknowledged as competent, effective. You have all of this “potential” but you are not feeling heard at work. Your voice doesn’t carry the weight you wish it to. Whether it is simply a matter of working on your projection and presence or acquisition of better articulation (accent), presentation, and physical alignment, I can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses while you build a voice that commands attention.

Presenting for the First Time

Perhaps through no fault of your own, you find yourself scheduled to speak to an important client, for a small group, or at the annual meeting, You know your subject but the thought of actually speaking about it in public inspires anything from slight nausea to looking for a new job, in Alaska. I can teach you how to regulate your body’s physiological reactions to stress while providing you with tools to stress-proof your speaking.

Losing the Room

Whether you are new to public speaking or have been presenting for years, you are suddenly aware that you are losing the room. The impact of your words has been dulled and it seems that people are just not listening. Vocal adaptation and voice/body alignment are often neglected tools that can revitalize the stalest of presentations and reconnect you so that you can reconnect with the room. I can help you shake out of the rut and back to resonance.

About Gina Razón

I am a mostly retired opera singer, public speaker, and all around voice geek committed to getting people connected to the power of the human voice. I’ve spent the better part of my adult life studying, questioning, and researching the voice and how it works within our physical and neurological parameters. My area of expertise is functional voice, which is to say, I teach people to use their voices as efficiently as possible and to greatest effect. I live in Boston where I can usually be seen in an irreverent production of the Singer, the Husband, the Daughter and their Pets.

Official-sounding Bio

Gina Razón has taught voice and speech for over sixteen years to individuals, organizations and in academic settings.   She is sought after as a teacher of voice and speech, singing, and public presentation.  Gina also performs as a classical mezzo-soprano in concert and opera. Gina has a BM and MM in Voice Performance, is a practitioner of Fitzmaurice Voicework and a certified teacher of Somatic Voicework. She has served as voice coach for TEDxCambridge, and speaks at National and local events on all things voice and speech.  Gina is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, The Voice Foundation, the Voice and Speech Trainers Association and the National Speakers Association.