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Disrupt: Great Expectations

At this point, all of us have noticed the shifts taking place in preparation for, or fear of, COVID-19. Changes in company behavior, cancellations of events or meetings, and the like. Or perhaps, you’ve noticed how hard it is to buy toilet paper in the U.S.

Uncertainty is an interesting flavor of charge.* Some people roll with it while others are in a soup of butterflies, increased heart rate, and sweaty palms. For those of us on the path of embodied communication, all of this is an opportunity for growth.

Uncertainty is a disruption. It is precisely those qualities that make it uncomfortable that make it a great opportunity for change. So this is the time to think of what’s next — To alter a habit or three. This is the perfect time to acquire new skills.

So today’s task is simply to breathe it all in. To make friends with uncertainty. Engage it in conversation. Yes, out loud. And listen for the voice of change whispering near you. Now is the time to follow that voice.

*Charge – Any emotional reaction that has a physiological response.

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