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Observe: I woke up like this

You know that voice you have when you first wake up? The sometimes raspy, sometimes overly low, whathaveyou voice with which you greet the first people you speak to?

That voice is showing you both what happens in an absence of voice use (potentially with some snoring and acid reflux chasers), but also what happens when you limber up your voice. You speak a little, you hydrate, shower, etc., and the quality of the voice improves.

Just imagine how your voice would improve if you addressed it deliberately. Today do one extra thing. Sing along with a favorite song, hum, or make an audible sound while you yawn. Then hear-feel for your voice and see what you notice.

Gina Razón is the principal voice specialist at GROW Voice LLC, a full-service voice and speech studio in Boston’s Back Bay.  She has over 16 years of experience both as a teacher of voice and speech, and a voraciously curious voice user.  Gina has worked professionally as a classical singer for over a decade and more recently as a professional public speaker.  For more information on the studio or to book Gina visit

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