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Office Space: Who Tells Your Story

I have an earworm — the finale of Hamilton is on a loop. Specifically, the line “you have no control, who lives, who dies, who tells your story.”

I think it is looping because I just don’t agree with part of the premise. You can’t control who tells your story but you can share yourself – your story – with others. You can build real connections by expressing more of yourself and asking people real questions about themselves.

It seems as if we either operate with a surface-level acquaintance or seek to dive into intimacy. A range of middle paths is sorely needed.

The invitation today is to invite more of yourself into your conversations. Instead of launching into your weekend and expecting some equal response, ask a question. For example, this weekend I moved my storage unit. The weather was perfect, much better for a hike than moving IMHO. What do you like to do on a sunny day?

It might end there. Just a real, human exchange without expectation of anything specific. Over time though, you get to know people better and they get to know you. Conversations aren’t transactions, they are connections. The better we connect with the humans in our lives, the better our quality of life.

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