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Perform: Contact High

No matter how relaxed you are in terms of pandemic safety, it is hard to avoid noticing the differences in social contact. Wearing masks, physical distancing, and touch avoidance is the norm and many of us are feeling it.

I am lucky enough to live with people with whom I can have physical contact. But, as a committed hugger, I still miss touching others. I miss the physical part of guiding my students and I miss casual skin-to-skin contact.

My recipe for charging my need for contact is to be very generous with how I come into contact with myself and my environment. Something as simple as exfoliating in the shower and applying lotion has gone from decadent to necessary. As is taking pleasure in washing my hands, tidying my nails, and massaging them since I’m typing so much. Observing and adjusting the textures near me, moving furniture, thinking about the feel of clothing, slowing down to really touch my surroundings. We also adopted a cat who is getting lots of cuddles.

All of this produces the charge I need in order to connect to a screen with the same energy I would offer in person. This is the offer for today. Consider what your contact needs are and how you can satisfy them. Then create that for yourself, with intention.

This Friday at 12:30 pm EDT, Gina will be live on FB. These will be short voice alignment sessions aimed at voice skills building. Watch it on the GROW Voice FB page. I hope to see you there.

Gina Razón is the Founder and CEO at GROW Voice LLC, a full-service verbal communication studio in Boston’s Back Bay.  She has over two decades of experience as a teacher of voice and speech, is a communication and change facilitator, and is a voraciously curious voice user.  Gina has worked professionally as a classical singer for over a decade and more recently as a professional public speaker.  For more information on the studio or to book Gina visit

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