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Functional voice training with GROW Voice helps you communicate with confidence. Alignment allows breath, breath creates voice, intention ignites content, and intention begins the cycle anew. Together this creates clarity, understanding, and authority.

Voice and Speech Coaching

1:1 and small group coaching for voice and speech clarity can accelerate your impact in the world. From accent acquisition, aligning the voice, to confident public speaking.  The goal is to allow intentionality to set the stage for your most productive, prolific, and professional self.

Corporate Training
Your productivity problem is likely also a communication problem.  We help your organization do your actual work by making sure that everyone is communicating clearly, listening with understanding, and working with clarity and intention.  We do this by leveraging the subtle neurology of human communication to help your organization thrive.

Gina Razón has presented to Corporations, Universities, Conferences, and on the TEDxCambridge stage. She is an expert in the human voice and its optimal function within the body and a recovering Opera Singer.  Gina speaks about how intention leads to the impulses that govern communication and developing practical approaches for improving the way in which we listen so that we can communicate better. All of her topics are available in a youth format.  Gina is a certified virtual presenter.