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Your Voice Process

Clarity in voice and speech creates impact in your world.

Whether you are navigating an accent or other linguistic challenges, or you just want to present your best voice and clearest ideas — We can help. Functional voice coaching is the key to your most productive, prolific, and professional self.

Our signature 1:1 process, the True your Voice package includes a thorough vocal assessment, 1:1 sessions (virtual or in-person), personalized deliverables to accelerate your development, and a personalized vocal maintenance plan upon completion. Additional modules can be added to coach specific presentations. The process is not a one-time fix but an investment in finding your authentic voice.

Sessions include a personalized warmup, technical work, and practicum. My primary goal is to have you speaking in a way that is true to you and your goals as quickly as possible. My methods include structural integration, vocal alignment, vocal function exercises, language articulation, projection, breathing support, and performance practice.

Your package can include 10 or 20 sessions depending on your needs and ultimate goals.

For small group settings, let’s chat about your goals and whether GROW Voice is the right solution for you.


  • Instruction in Voice Health – Never lose your voice because of misuse again
  • Instruction in the Authoritative Voice
  • Instruction in Voice Projection and Clarity
  • Determination of Optimal Speaking Pitch
  • Diction and Articulation for both Native and Adoptive English Speakers
  • Vocal Physical Alignment and Integration
  • Public Speaking Performance Coaching