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Put Your Best Voice Forward with the ADAPT Process


You want to be heard, we all do.  We want to make an impact on the people around us.  To that end we often focus on what we are trying to communicate rather than how we communicate.

The fact is, your voice is what carries your ideas actually into the room.  And in order to speak with impact, we need to speak with a fully-integrated voice.  A voice that is under your discrete command and that is aligned with your communication goals.

For over twenty years, GROW Voice has helped dedicated professionals integrate their voice and their message for impact.

Here’s how we do that.  Our signature 1:1 process, the ADAPT framework builds Awareness of the physical and neurological aspects of your voice.  This allows to you to Disrupt the habits that lead to inefficient and/or ineffective speech.  We leverage the disruption of old habits to Acquire new skills.  We then practice Performance using our new tools.  This results in Transformation as we reap the rewards of engaging in a fuller, more authentic manner of communicating with the voice. Not only does that make the way we speak more impactful, it makes our impact more resonant.


  • Focus on Voice Health – Never lose your voice because of misuse again
  • Vocal Authority and Presence
  • Voice Projection and Clarity
  • Determination of Optimal Speaking Pitch
  • Diction and Articulation for both Native and Adoptive English Speakers
  • Improved Vocal Physical Alignment and Integration
  • Integrated Speaking Performance Coaching