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Perform: Respect Fear

I read a lot of well-intentioned fear bashing out there. It goes something like: "Conquer your fear" "Don't let your fear defeat you" and a recent favorite: "Fear wants to take away your faith" FEAR IS NOT AN ENTITY! Fear…

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Observe: S curves

No one argues about the importance of the spine. It is the centerpiece of the whole skeletal system but is not a rigid centerpiece. The spine is designed to articulate in every direction with its most limited mobility points being…

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Disrupt: Heel

This is a story about proprioception, that awareness of where your body is in space. It is also a story about losing track of the awareness of where your body is in space and not noticing it. I am clumsy,…

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Cloudy Days

Observe: Cloudy Days

It would be nice to be always 100% in our capabilities, certain that what we know will spring forward when it is needed. I really wish this were true (really, ask me about recently forgetting how many siblings I have).…

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