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Whether it is a one-hour Lunch and Learn or a more comprehensive session, our workshops help your team members to develop and enhance their presentational skills. Our methodology is not simply a series of tips and tricks but a dynamic process to align intention to voice for content that meets or exceeds its goal.

From breath to physical presence, voice quality, and the neurology of impact. This training builds a solid set of tools that your talent can draw upon for years to come.

Cohort Training

Sometimes you have identified a set of rising stars who need a little more development in their communications, presentations, and authority. We can customize a series of trainings to help you develop these talented people and empower them to become leaders for your company.

Team Training

Presentations are not always a solo affair. From annual meetings and conferences, to pitch events of all types, you need your teams to be knowledgable, dynamic, clear, and cohesive. Most of all you need them to guide the audience towards your goals. Team training can help our team assign portions of the presentation based on strengths, support each individual component, manage nervous energy, speak with articulation with clarity, and speak with authority. There is a subtle neurology at work in every room, your team should know how to navigate it.

One-on-One Training

Individual training provides in-depth vocal and presentational development for your executives. From establishing vocal authority to maintaining command of the room, and all of the component skills necessary to that process. Whether the task at hand is leading a meeting or internal presentation, landing a key-note address, or simply better communications with direct reports, this process will teach high impact strategies and techniques for navigating all of your vocal communications.

Specific Skills Trained

  • Executive presence and vocal authority.
  • How to “say what you mean” the first time with clients, co-workers, and teams.
  • Breath efficiency and sound production.
  • Articulation and language pacing for clarity in delivery.
  • Helping non-native speakers with acquiring a broader American English accent.
  • Pacing and syntax for more impactful presentations.
  • Voice projection and resonance.
  • The neuro-psychology of spoken presentations and how to deploy it in the room.
  • Voice/Body alignment for exceptional physical presence “on-stage.”
  • Virtual assignments and deliverables to apply the training to your content.