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Productivity problems are often communication problems.  These failures in communication always cost you time and money.

We can help turn your talent into verbal communication superstars, determine what is stalling a project, navigate all of the factors involved in planning a project, or determine how best coordinate between departments and facilities.

Our methodology is not a series of tips and tricks but a dynamic process to align intention, the humans in the room, and verbal communications for your most productive outcomes. This process is an investment in teams that are clear, confident, and effective.

Let’s talk about the challenges your organization is facing and whether GROW Voice might be the solution you are seeking.


Projects spanning different teams, departments, and/or facilities require communication that is intentional, clear, and accurate.  GROW can serve as the neutral facilitator for your major projects.   Further, we can teach your team members how to navigate their own verbal communication, harness their listening skills, and engage with each other effectively. Whether it is a project in progress or in its planning phase — clear communication can be the difference between done (maybe) and done well.

Cohort Training

Perhaps you have identified a set of rising stars who need more development with their speech, overall verbal communications, and/or productivity. We can customize a training session or series to help you develop these talented people and empower them to become more productive, prolific, and professional through clear communication.

Event Training

Presentations are a reality. From annual meetings and conferences to pitch events of all types, you need your teams to be knowledgable, dynamic, clear, and cohesive. Most of all you need them to guide the audience towards your goals. Team training can help our team assign portions of the presentation based on strengths, support each individual component, manage nervous energy, speak with articulation, clarity, and authority. There is a subtle neurology at work in every room, your team should know how to navigate it.