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You: Connection

I had an in-person client, in my office, today. I mean the physical space I rent in Boston. This was novel enough given the last 15 months but more importantly, it was a dynamic and wonderful session. So much so…

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Think Day

Today is a writing day for me as I change some patterns in the business and my own voice practice. My offering for you is this process. How do you check in with yourself on how things are going professionally?…

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Observe: Flexibility

This little blog has been around for three years and 350 posts. It has changed format a few times and reflected changes in my thinking as well. Here is what remains true: The voice is a highly adaptable, dynamic, and…

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Variance: Release

Exhale. If that one-word instruction succeeded in getting you to release breath, you are in good company. On the best of days, most of us can be caught holding our breath. These are not our best days so we must…

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