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Disrupt: Patterns

Does this sound familiar? You have a charged conversation with someone. Then, you play it back in your mind. Perhaps you will relay the conversation in whole or in part to friend or two. Later, more replaying of the conversation.…

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Public Speaking Practice

Perform: Mirror, Mirror

Is Gina is really going to suggest that I practice in front of a mirror. Actually, yes. I would like you to practice in a mirror. Hear me out. When we use an accountability tool such as audio or video…

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Articulate: Pressure

Does this sound familiar? You start a sentence with plenty of volume and presence only to lose momentum, volume, and pitch by the end. This is an indication of inconsistent air flow. If you also end up feeling more percussive…

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Acquire: Keep it Moving

This week, I attended a panel discussion. I noticed that the speakers were actively breathing for speech -- amazing. Then I noticed something else, a pattern. Inhale, speak, hold, inhale, hold, speak. For the cheap seats in the back by…

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Articulate: Friction

I love fricatives. Those sounds that make the air contort itself to evade a barrier. These can be created by the tongue hovering near teeth, teeth against lip, or a change in the shape of the cavity itself. I love…

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