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Sing: Language

I am currently working on From The Diary of Virginia Wolff by Dominic Argento. A work I have performed many times before. Besides the fact that I feel rusty still (thanks, pandemic), it feels like putting on a favorite coat.…

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Office Space: Words Unsaid

There are all sorts of reasons people omit thoughts from a conversation, some of them quite good. Still, some omissions make good communication falter. These are a few: If you avoid speaking because it shows what you don't know yet.In…

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Variance: Difference

"Difference is not Disorder." I'm not sure where exactly I first heard this concept but it quickly became fundamental in my teaching. The point is this: If a sound fails to match your expectation for that sound, that doesn't mean…

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Articulate: Pucker up

Your lips are great multitaskers. Showing expression, kissing, and helping make language sounds all day long. I want to dedicate today to those sounds that require both of the lips to press together in order to come into the world.…

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