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Articulate: Friction

I love fricatives. Those sounds that make the air contort itself to evade a barrier. These can be created by the tongue hovering near teeth, teeth against lip, or a change in the shape of the cavity itself. I love…

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Articulate: Contortion

I work with a young man who is having some trouble being understood at work. He grew up in a neighborhood with a very distinct accent and maintained this speech pattern even while attending a college out of state. It…

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Articulate: Isolation

If you've ever done any form of dance you already understand isolation. That is exploring the movement and function of an area, a muscle or muscle groups, a joint. You can do this on a meta level such as articulating…

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Articulate: ARRRRR

I live and work in Boston. Which means I live and work with non-rhocity. That is fancy-speech for under-pronounced or completely absent /r/ sounds in speaking. I'm not talking about the typical Southie accent either, I mean people who are…

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Articulation: Let It Flow

Articulate: Let it Flow

I can sometimes be guilty of thinking of articulation only as it applies to individual sounds, and over conversational phrases. It is an effective method for making certain that clarity exists in diction. However, it ignores the very musical qualities…

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Articulate: Make Music

I talk about individual components of articulation a lot. Making sure the vowels are centered and the consonants present and complete. Addressing cadence, melody, and meaning in Voicing to make sure phrases have Purpose. Still, I haven't written enough about…

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