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Observe: Fidget, Fidget

I'm going to say something controversial in Speaker land. I support the fidget. I'm not saying I think we should do it but I respect what the body is trying to do. Without discussing any real medical conditions that can…

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Articulate: Isolation

If you've ever done any form of dance you already understand isolation. That is exploring the movement and function of an area, a muscle or muscle groups, a joint. You can do this on a meta level such as articulating…

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Acquire: Ease

Our voices can be a bit sticky in the morning. Personally, I awake closer to a baritone than a mezzo and those are the good days. Somedays, the voice just feels scratchy or sounds rough. That first glass of water…

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Disrupt: Sing it Out

Tempers are short out here. The fact is that the human condition leaves one to manage grief, sorrow, pain, and disappointment with as much frequency as the fun stuff. Add to that a societal environment which doesn't acknowledge the humanity…

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Observe: Transitions

Fall is here, at least on the calendar. The weather it seems is trying to cling to Summer but our energy, and workflow, move deliberately towards Fall. Transitions are always so interesting, and sometimes predictable. This time of year is…

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Gina Razon Boston Public Speaking Coach

Acquire: Pronoun Power

This week the Merriam Webster dictionary added a meaning for the pronoun "they." They added --used to refer to a single person whose gender identity is nonbinary-- This was pretty big news. Sadly in came just a day after the AP had…

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Articulate: ARRRRR

I live and work in Boston. Which means I live and work with non-rhocity. That is fancy-speech for under-pronounced or completely absent /r/ sounds in speaking. I'm not talking about the typical Southie accent either, I mean people who are…

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Disrupt: What Do You Want?

Everyday we do things in a certain way. We have routines, habits, and ways to interact in the world both conscious and unconscious. This is perfectly normal. However, since one definition of insanity is doing the same things over and…

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