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Articulate: Friction

I love fricatives. Those sounds that make the air contort itself to evade a barrier. These can be created by the tongue hovering near teeth, teeth against lip, or a change in the shape of the cavity itself. I love…

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Acquire: Presence

Presence is a funny concept. Most of us think we know what it means. All of us hope we have it. defines it as the ability to project a sense of ease, poise, or self-assurance, especially the quality or…

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Disrupt: Touch me, maybe.

Yesterday, I asked that you observe your behaviors and thoughts around touch. Today, I want you to shake things up a bit. So this is where we talk about consent and how it isn't personal. What I mean is, we…

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Observe: Touch

Breath is so interesting. It is not only the fuel for our existence but it is also highly responsive to it. Let's take touch, for example. Here in the U.S. we seem to have lost any understanding of how to…

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Articulate: Contortion

I work with a young man who is having some trouble being understood at work. He grew up in a neighborhood with a very distinct accent and maintained this speech pattern even while attending a college out of state. It…

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Acquire: Smile

Being asked to smile is among my least favorite things. That said, the upward movement of a smile can add a lift to the tone of your voice. Luckily, you don't have to keep smiling to reap the benefits. The…

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Perform: Adaptation

This week several speaker friends of mine had the most creative performance challenges I have seen in a bit. From an audience placed so far from the stage, it was comical, to a room partially divided by a wall (and…

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Acquire: Passion

I attended a panel discussion last night where all of speakers were dynamic and knowledgable . Sadly, only one of them was consistently a good speaker. He didn't necessarily have the best vocal tone, or the most dynamic range. What…

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