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Acquire: Rules of Order

The first time I encountered Robert's Rules of Order, I thought them completely ridiculous. What possible purpose could they fulfill? Well, now several decades later and having attended too many meetings, I get it. We have a hard time navigating…

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Disrupt: Judgy Wudgy

Did you know that people who never sing are the most judgmental of voices in reality singing competitions? We are unlikely to risk using our voices in space when we tend to judge other voices harshly. So let's dig into…

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Observe: Voices In The Air

Voices are everywhere. What's more, often these voices are digital. Today is about the observation of those voices. The voices that reach you passively as you move about the world. Communications directed at you both in person and over devices…

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Perform: Corraggio

Corraggio is the Italian word for bravery, or nerve. I like the meaning inherent in this word especially given my operatic roots. It is, for me, a more nuanced way of seeing what we do when we engage fully with…

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Disrupt: Clicker Training

Clicker training is a method used for training animals (and children) that uses a bridge (the clicker) between a behavior and its reward. The idea is that the bridge can be faster than the reward. At its best, Clicker training…

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Observe: Brain Weasels

Ah, brain weasels. We all host them in some form or another. Perhaps your weasels are fairly benign, or perhaps they regularly convince you that you are about to be fired. In either case, the weasels cannot be running the…

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