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Variance: Congruence

Humans expect congruence in the voice user. In those very first seconds of contact, they decide whether this sound and this person are in alignment. They grant or deny authority. Sadly, sometimes they grant or deny humanity. This is a…

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Perform: Shining The Light

My major resolution this year has been to show up more. It is a process. One that is often counter my introverted tendencies. Case in point, this morning. I had reserved a spot for Creative Mornings Boston which meant that…

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Disrupt: Connectivity

Signal is an interesting thing. If you have been trying to use the Internet, or Google Maps, or your Verizon services on the East Coast you have seen a flicker of what it is like when you cannot connect at…

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Performance: Don't Know Mind

Performance: Don’t Know Mind

In Buddhism, there is a concept of don't know. It doesn't mean that one lacks knowledge, it means that one accepts the unknown-- without comment. In so doing, one becomes knowledge, because one simply recognizes knowledge. When we present, we…

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