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Perform: Recovery

This week has been about preparing for an event, in this case, Thanksgiving. In truth, you can and should prepare for any event where communication is required and causing you stress. The last step is the most important, the recovery.…

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Acquire: Plan for Gratitude

We've had an ongoing theme this week about noticing our preparedness for less than pleasant Holiday encounters. Begin by remembering why we gather -- Humans are built for community. That said, here are some potential scenarios and select disruptions. No…

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Disrupt: Madness

Madness is doing the same thing and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein Holidays can be madness. You get together over the same meals, sometimes in the same location, and often having the same conversations. We are all very well-rehearsed…

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Observe: Pressure

Air pressure that is. How well are you breathing today? Are you looking forward to holidays at the end of this week or are you dreading it? This particular holiday observance can be charged with a good deal of negative…

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Perform: Imagine

We rehearse a lot. By which I mean that many of us are running scripts of our doubts, fears, and failing. Often, we repeat these phrases to ourselves in thought or even out loud. Here are just a few: My…

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Disrupt: Patterns

Does this sound familiar? You have a charged conversation with someone. Then, you play it back in your mind. Perhaps you will relay the conversation in whole or in part to friend or two. Later, more replaying of the conversation.…

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What is your inner voice saying? GROW Voice

Perform: Desert Island

A theme in my life this week is the Inner Voice or that part of yourself that speaks about your dreams, your purpose. That aspirational part of yourself. This voice can be hard to hear because our days are filled…

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Disrupt: Embrace the Brace

Today in Boston, there is an expectation of snow. The morning is cloudy and gray and the temperature is dropping. It is a classic recipe for holding. Holding breath and holding musculature as we brace for the impact of winter…

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Perform: Mirror, Mirror

Is Gina is really going to suggest that I practice in front of a mirror. Actually, yes. I would like you to practice in a mirror. Hear me out. When we use an accountability tool such as audio or video…

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