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Articulate: Feeling

This morning, I have a story. Today, I attended a leadership breakfast for City Year. City Year is a non-profit tasked with supporting our schools through community service. One of the speakers was a Senior AmeriCorps Team Leader from City…

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Observe: Minor Inflammation

Do you find yourself getting more irritated these days? I certainly do. It's almost as if we are collectively getting crankier. Conversations, when they are happening at all, are both more awkward and more charged. Email and text are only…

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Articulate: A Matter of Taste

How different should one pronounce 'where' and 'wear'? Is there a difference between 'bear' and 'bare'? It seems like these questions should have one answer, but they don't. There is no one, true American English diction. Variance in pronunciation is…

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Acquire: Balance

Yesterday, I read another article about how women are giving up their power by using vocal fry and upspeak. If you don't know those terms, just google, the media has decided that they are what is wrong with public speech.…

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Articulate: Filters

I saw Porgy and Bess at the Metropolitan Opera -- Truly an important production of a wonderful work of art. And, it was wonderful. What strikes me this morning is that I sat through three hours of an opera that…

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