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Rest and Digest

Observe: Rest and Digest

Transitions are so juicy. For a few hundred of my new closest friends and I, the transition of the day is exiting a conference and flying towards home, vacation, or more work. Much has been learned and said. People have…

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Acquire: Voices at Altitude

I am in Denver, CO for the National Speakers Association Influence conference.  Denver is the Mile High City, literally 5280ft above sea level.  Most everyone knows that altitude has physiological effects that impact health.  They might even know they should…

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Observe: Variance

Sometimes we get used to how things are. It is afteral human nature to observe and rely on patterns. We can start to believe that the way things are at the moment are a set place, unchanging and unchangeable. Today,…

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Perform: Lift Weights

We've talked about hands before, notably what to do with them as you perform. One of the problems is that our arms and hands are perfectly willing to telegraph our emotional state. So, if you are feeling frenetic your hand…

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Acquire: Direction

There is a concept in the theatre of cheating outward. Of making certain, sometimes subtly, that your mouth and the direction of your voice is pointed towards the audience. Sound waves must travel in a medium, in this case, air.…

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Disrupt: Click Here

Do you ever just make clicking noises with your tongue? Did you do this as a child? Today, we are going to have a little childlike fun and give the tongue a little workout by making clicking noises. If you…

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Observe: Fuel

How do you feel? Seriously, how is your energy level? Are you hungry or thirsty? Do you have aches or areas of interest? How much do you think about this when you plan for presentation and/or performance? The fact is…

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