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Articulate: What Does That Even Mean?

Sometimes in our effort to sound competent or even better extraordinary, we craft language that is decorated to extremes. This doesn’t usually serve our purpose and more often than not leaves the audience with no actual clue of what you said. This might be by design.

For most of us, however, clarity is a better choice. Even in the case of legal and highly technical issues is it possible to be both precise and clear. Far from making the speaker seem less competent, being clear and seeking understanding makes the speaker the authority. The speaker becomes the one is charge of explaining and imparting knowledge.

So perhaps it is time to take a look at the words you use and the structure of your speech with an eye to what is unnecessary. “Kill your Darlings” is a lovely turn of phrase for editing to which I would add, Kill your Ego.

GROW Voice, is a Boston-based business.  Founder and CEO, Gina Raz√≥n has taught voice and speech for over sixteen years to individuals, organizations and in academic settings.   She is sought after as a teacher of voice and speech, singing, and public presentation.  Gina has a BM and MM in Voice Performance, she is a practitioner of Fitzmaurice Voicework and a certified teacher of Somatic Voicework. She has served as the voice coach for TEDxCambridge and speaks at National and local events on all things voice and speech.  Gina is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, The Voice Foundation, the Voice and Speech Trainers Association and the National Speakers Association. More information at

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