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Performance: Don't Know Mind

Performance: Don’t Know Mind

In Buddhism, there is a concept of don't know. It doesn't mean that one lacks knowledge, it means that one accepts the unknown-- without comment. In so doing, one becomes knowledge, because one simply recognizes knowledge. When we present, we…

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Articulation: Let it Flow

Articulate: Let it Flow

I can sometimes be guilty of thinking of articulation only as it applies to individual sounds, and over conversational phrases. It is an effective method for making certain that clarity exists in diction. However, it ignores the very musical qualities…

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Articulate: Make Music

I talk about individual components of articulation a lot. Making sure the vowels are centered and the consonants present and complete. Addressing cadence, melody, and meaning in Voicing to make sure phrases have Purpose. Still, I haven't written enough about…

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Acquire: Hydration Baby

I know, I know. That hydration is good for the voice (and optimal health) surprises no one. Still, I find many people have no understanding of the best ways to achieve it short of drinking more water. How much water?…

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Disrupt: Fear Itself

What is Fear? Merriam Webster defines it as "a strong unpleasant feeling caused by being aware of danger or expecting something bad to happen." It is also one of the most important survival features a human being possesses. At issue…

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