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Variance: Quiet

Our world is changed. It sounds different. We sound different. One of those differences is how quiet it is outside. At least, it is quiet in cities such as Boston or New York -- Eerily so. It creates space for…

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Variance: The Middle Path

You don't need to become a master of your body and breathing today. There is no requirement that you make time for a run, and yoga, and meditation before your vocal warmup and speech practice. Similarly, no one needs you…

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Variance: Feelings

Everything you have ever felt, or will ever feel, has an electrical path in the brain. Feelings have physiology. They are tangible as well as intangible. And, you must deal with them. You must deal with yourself. You have tools…

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Observe: Do You Hear What You Hear

Good Morning. Let's take a moment, right now, to listen deeply. From a seated position rock your hips from side to side shifting your weight from one sitz bone to the other. Then try to place your chest on your…

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Disrupt: Normal

At times like this, it can be tempting to try to restore to normal as soon as possible. Get the WFH situation to flow as close to the in-office experience. Push out your marketing as per usual. Or, even work…

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Observe: Space

Stand and spread out. Stretch your arms outwards. Move your legs. Explore the movement of your ribcage and hips. Inhale on a slow count of 4, hum (make an /u/ shape in your mouth and then gently close it) for…

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Perform: Deep Scan

Let's take a moment to check-in. FYI, if you would rather listen to this exercise there is a recording here. This exercise takes about 6 minutes. Keep in mind that you know your body more than someone on the internet…

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