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Resolve is an Action

Resolve(v): To decide firmly on a course of action.

End of year approaches and for many people that means making resolutions for the new year. In fact, anywhere from 40-45% of Americans will make New Years Resolutions at least once in their lives. Still, only about 8% of those resolutions are typically met, a statistic that bolsters die-hard anti-resolvers.

What is going on?

The impulse to make resolutions at New Year has been with us a long time. We can document making resolutions at new year (then in mid-March) to Ancient Babylonia (+/- 4000 years ago). It seems that the act of trying to improve ourselves, and even just the process of reflecting on what has past as we look forward, is part of the human state.

I like to deal in impulses here, especially impulses that help the brain and the body work in resonance. Clearly, the impulse to reflect and change is powerful so why not set that impulse on a better path towards action. Resolutions on their own might fail 92% of the time but Resolve is a different matter altogether. To resolve is to make a firm decision towards an action. That action could be anything, but it should be specific.

My Resolve this year is:

  1. To cultivate discipline for my health, self care, and artistic expression.
  2. To cultivate attention to my family, friends, and finances.

Within each of those are specific activities that require discipline or attention to complete. I’ve listed out those actions for myself and in some cases, have already set up specific activities in my schedule. For example, scheduling appointments for self care such as massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic. Also, making sure I have birthdays in my calendar with reminder alerts and scheduling regular call or text dates for people I want to keep in touch with. I also schedule check-ins with myself on how my resolve is holding up especially in March and April when I might let things slide a bit.

Over the years, this process has become very important to me because it is where I check in and how I continue to build trust with myself. All of the voicing in my life depends on seeing and acknowledging the needs of this instrument and understanding what It wants to say. For me, that means reflecting and resolving at the end of year. How about you?

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them here or email me at

Happy New Year!

I wish you clear, effective, and empowered voice use in 2019!

GROW Voice, is a Boston-based business.  Founder and CEO, Gina Razón has taught voice and speech for over sixteen years to individuals, organizations and in academic settings.   She is sought after as a teacher of voice and speech, singing, and public presentation.  Gina has a BM and MM in Voice Performance, is a practitioner of Fitzmaurice Voicework and a certified teacher of Somatic Voicework. She has served as voice coach for TEDxCambridge, and speaks at National and local events on all things voice and speech.  Gina is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, The Voice Foundation, the Voice and Speech Trainers Association and the National Speakers Association. More information at

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