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Why Another Voice Blog?

It seems like there is an abundance of information on voice production for both singing and speech, so why add more to the noise?
There continues to be a lot of information on the interwebs that is not based in fact.  There are still many people teaching voice that lack even a basic understanding of the physiology of the body and how the voice functions in that context.  And, most annoyingly for me, there is still so much mystery and magical thinking being offering as voice technique.  I find this last point both unethical and damaging.
Still, my reasons aren’t completely magnanimous.  As it turns out I am just curious.  I need to continue to learn and grow in my chosen obsession, the human voice.  Researching, marinating, and writing about the voice clarifies my understanding and makes me a better teacher.  In that sense, this blog is as much for me as it is for you.
So, I am adding a blog presence to my voice studio, GROW Voice.  I hope to offer fact-based vocal thoughts for people to ponder and question, helpful information, and strategies for voice users of all stripes.  My mission continues to be to help people find and develop their true voice.  A voice that truly represents them and a voice they can love.
Welcome to Another Voice Blog!

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