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The Power of Confluence

a coming together of people or things; concourse

In 2007, Tarana Burke launched the “Me, too.” movement through her organization Just BE Inc.  The organization and its movement were founded to support and uplift women (particularly in communities of color) grappling with sexual violence and harassment.  The power of “me, too.” comes from what Ms. Burke defines as Empowerment through Empathy which by now anyone who posted “me, too” at Alyssa Milano’s request on October 15, 2017, can relate to.  The ability to see oneself in a movement and become One with its flow is powerful.  That is confluence.
A month later, the dominos from this viral moment in the life of “me, too!” are still toppling.  The confluence of shared experience, and the awareness, newfound for some, of the scope of the issue, has created resonance.

the increase in the amplitude under the influence of a periodic force

It is always striking to me how very important it is for people to feel heard, to feel that they are being seen, and understood.  It is the work of the voice user to enable that space and build those connections.  To that end, the concepts of confluence and resonance are crucial.
Does your presentation or performance bring people together for a common cause, actually uniting them into a whole?  Can you take that whole and motivate them towards a change thereby increasing the amplitude of your message?
These are messaging questions on some level, but on a more basic level, these are questions about influence.  Influence is built upon tone, relevance, and fundamentally upon the building block of all communication, breath.
The collective exhale of millions of women (and men) typing “me, too!” is the propulsion of the current movement.  How can you create that release in your voice that will inspire an exhalation in your audience?  That is the craft of leading the conversation.  That is the foundation of the power of the human voice.
Oh, and me too.

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