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Targets and Pauses

I am an archer.
A novice archer to be specific and I love this time in a courtship.  Archery is curiosity, and experiment, trust, and failure.   In short, my favorite things to explore.
This past weekend, I shot (in oppressive heat) some of my best ends.  I was honored to be coached by someone with much more experience and great generosity.  She offered a simple instruction, “What if, you took a pause after you release the shot?  If you just stop and let yourself know where the arrow is going.” There was more, but that was the crucial piece.

“What if you just stop and let yourself know where the arrow is going.”

Well, as I mentioned, I shot some of my best ends this weekend.  It worked.  I could see my arrows in the air and where they landed.  Actually, I knew where they were going to land. I could adjust as needed from a place of truth rather than assumption.  My arrows were true.
Now, back at work, I see how this lesson is not just about archery.  We get so busy, so focused towards a goal.  I, for one, launch myself at my day full-speed and too often forget to stop and let myself know where I am going.  Do I need to adjust or just breathe and stay the course?  Is this truth or assumption?
I will be asking these questions of myself in the days to come and invite you to do the same.  As always, please feel free to share your thoughts and/or stories with me.  I’d love to hear from you.
Gina Razón is the principal voice specialist at GROW Voice LLC, a full-service voice and speech studio in Boston’s Back Bay.  She has over 16 years of experience both as a teacher of voice and speech, and a voraciously curious voice user.  Gina has worked professionally as a classical singer for over a decade and more recently as a professional public speaker.  For more information on the studio or to book Gina visit

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